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May 2020

Luxury trendspotting isn't easy in the Covid-19 age
[Business Mirror - 25 May 2020]
Upmarket, stylish face coverings could provide a bit of a boost in a coronavirus-strewn landscape, where luxury goods sales are expected to drop as much as 35 percent this year, according to Bain & Co. estimates.

From 'new normal' styles to digital runways: Fashion goes on amid the COVID-19 pandemic
[CNN, Philippines - 24 May 2020]
Online shopping, digital runways: With leisure stores closed for the duration of the lockdown, the fashion and retail industry has been limited to digital services - with quarantined citizens resorting to online shopping and watching holding a virtual fashion shows.

Gucci to go Seasonless, show twice per year
[BOF, UK - 24 May 2020]
The Kering-owned Italian megabrand joins stablemate Saint Laurent in breaking with the conventional fashion calendar.

Has the way we shop changed forever?
[Irish Examiner - 24 May 2020]
Sustainable fashion contains multitudes, from fabric sourcing to local manufacturing and workers' rights, labelling to packaging and consumption. We spoke to experts in the field to find out what sustainable fashion means for you.

Coronavirus: The 3D artists helping fashion through Covid-19
[BBC, UK - 24 May 2020]
(Video) How can you put on a fashion show without models? Or create a product line with no real materials? One group that might have the answer to those questions are Digi-Gxl. They are a collective of international women, and trans, intersex and non-binary digital artists who create work in the world of 3-D art, design and animation.

Your essential lingerie guide for the summer season
[Hindustan Times - 24 May 2020]
Wearing the right lingerie is very important to deal with tricky summer silhouettes. Here are some wardrobe essentials this season to keep you cool while you shelter at home.

The Greek American who captured the zeitgeist in fashion illustration
[ekathimerini.com - 24 May 2020]
Blogger Gina Moyer writes that fashion illustration has the "dexterity to freeze a moment in history through the lenses of artistic style, attitudes reflective of the time period, and the latest trends in fashion..." George Stavrinos (1948-90) did much more than that. With his extraordinary craftsmanship and artistic genius, his work ventures into the fine arts, knocking fashion illustration right out of the park. Bradford Hamann, assistant professor of graphic design at Shepherd University, writes that Stavrinos revolutionized fashion illustration, proving that it could be "imbued with dramatic content, it could be monumental in feel, and it could stand as 'Art' in the truest sense of the word."

The edit... The best basket bags
[The Guardian, UK - 24 May 2020]
(Gallery) Add a touch of 70s style to your summer by swinging one of these rustic beauties when you head out.

New AI-powered fashion app promises to learn your shopping habits
[Paper, USA - 24 May 2020]
Consumers sign up on the app, answer a few questions about price points, sizes, and preferred brands. The questions help the app get a sense of the user's tastes and budget. Based on your answers, the technology creates a customized store just for you. The more questions you answer, the better the platform gets at serving you recommendations.

Hanifa Used 3D Models to Launch Its Latest Collection on Instagram Live
[Harper's Bazaar, USA - 23 May 2020]
Designer Anifo Mvuemba planned the groundbreaking digital show before the coronavirus pandemic made it essential.

Hanifa's 3D Digital Fashion Show Just Changed the Game
[Yahoo - 23 May 2020]
In a world where we don't know what the future holds for the fashion industry or fashion shows, Anifa Mvuemba is at the forefront of changing the game. On Friday, May 22, the Congolese designer of contemporary brand Hanifa debuted her latest collection on Instagram Live via 3D models.

Best Fashion Instagrams of the Week: Charli XCX, Imaan Hammam, and More
[Vogue, USA - 23 May 2020]
Here, see more best fashion Instagrams of the week.

The Fashion Industry Just Outlined A Vision For The Future. Will #RewiringFashion Be Good Enough?
[Forbes, USA - 23 May 2020]
The reality is that fashion has been broken for a long time.

Inside Zari Fashion Bazaar, Saudi Arabia's first virtual fashion event
[Arabnews.com - 23 May 2020]
Entitled 'Zari' & named after a traditional type of embroidery that uses metallic thread - the three-day digital-only event was a direct response to the myriad cancelations brought on by COVID-19..

'What's the point?': Paris fashion faces up to life after lockdown
[The Guardian, USA - 23 May 2020]
Socially distanced shopping proves a hard sell in the French capital with few places open to show off.

Fashion turns to technology to tailor sustainable solutions
[Aljazeera, USA - 23 May 2020]
At the cutting edge of fashion and science, innovators are setting a new trend with a circular model of consumption.

Las Vegas shows postponed
[sportswear-international.com - 22 May 2020]
Informa Markets Fashion, organizer of fashion trade shows like Coterie, Magic and Project, has announced to postpone its August 2020 Las Vegas fashion events, originally scheduled for August 17-19.

Fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli and actress Lori Loughlin to serve prison time for university entry scam
[abc.net.au - 22 May 2020]
Hollywood actress Lori Loughlin has agreed to serve two months in prison and her fashion designer husband Mossimo Giannulli will spend five months behind bars as part of a deal to plead guilty to cheating the US college admissions' process.

From hedgehogs to shellac: this week's fashion trends
[The Guardian, UK - 22 May 2020]
What's hot and what's not in fashion this week.

Drapers Sustainable Fashion Awards 2020 shortlist revealed
[Drapers Online, UK - 22 May 2020]
The shortlist for the inaugural Drapers Sustainable Fashion Awards has been revealed, recognising the strides that are being made in reducing the industry's environmental impact and creating fairer working conditions across the supply chain.

Fashion's alternatives to the discounting trap
[VodueBusiness.com - 22 May 2020]
Unsold inventory and mounting economic uncertainty are making it difficult to stay clear of markdowns in the short term. Brands are changing production practices to avoid the issue in the future.

Escapist Fashion
[WWD - 22 May 2020]
Forced to stay home, even as the weather warms up, consumers are indulging in a little retail therapy by way of swimwear and resort wear.

Job portal Mybrands launched for Singapore's fashion retail industry
[InsideRetail, Asia - 22 May 2020]
Retail-solutions consultancy IDA'SG is launching a niche job portal for fashion, beauty and lifestyle retail firms in Singapore. Called Mybrands, the platform will launch on July 3 and is designed to enhance skill matching in the city's retail industry.

Things keep getting worse for fashion rental platforms
[Glossy.co - 22 May 2020]
Much of the fashion industry is suffering under the coronavirus pandemic, but few areas have been hit as hard as fashion rental.

Rajo Laurel tests digital platform with virtual fashion show
[Inquirer.net - 22 May 2020]
"This democratizes fashion... I can even share my comment live, and the big guys of the industry can read it," writes viewer.

Marimekko Traditional Open-Air Shows Goes Digital
[Yahoo! - 21 May 2020]
DIGITAL DEMOCRATIC SHOW: Marimekko is going digital this spring, asking its followers to film their own runway show wearing an outfit from the brand and the digital content will be reposted on Friday on the label's Instagram account creating a collective, democratic fashion show.

13 Fashion Models Helping Us Get Through Pandemic Lockdown
[Forbes, USA - 21 May 2020]
We've rounded up 13 models from around the world with fun and creative Instagram accounts and asked them how they're keeping busy during these unprecedented times.

The Funkiest, Most Fashionable Face Masks, Ranked
[Slate Magazine, USA - 21 May 2020]
Pillars in the fashion industry like Christian Siriano and Louis Vuitton have retooled their operations to produce masks and gowns for frontline workers, while other designers are marketing to consumers instead. Where there were few stylish choices for the masses just a few months ago, there are now so many fashion masks that a highly scientific ranking is in order.

'The fashion system must change': BFC and CFDA call for an industry reset
[The Guardian, UK - 21 May 2020]
The UK and US fashion trade bodies have issued a joint statement, outlining a vision of how to rethink the industry.

Aid agencies to grade fashion industry's response during COVID-19 crisis
[Inside Retail, Australia - 21 May 2020]
A report on how well the fashion industry responded during the coronavirus outbreak will be released in October, prepared by Tearfund NZ and Baptist World Aid Australia. The special edition of the annual Ethical Fashion Report will look into the response of the fashion industry, focusing on companies with annual revenues of $30 million and above, to the vulnerabilities faced by workers during the coronavirus crisis.

Fashion Industry Renews Calls For Fewer Discounts, Change To Fashion Schedule Amid Pandemic
[Forbes, USA - 21 May 2020]
Crisis forces change. The pandemic of 2020 seems to be the final straw for fashion to re-examine its selling, presentation, and delivery system, which resulted in heavy discounting.

'It's a way to live out fantasies': how Animal Crossing became fashion's new catwalk
[The Guardian, UK - 21 May 2020]
The biggest video game of lockdown has become a new home for fashion lovers where avatars can dress in Prada, Off-White or Sports Banger hoodies.

Dirty Luxury: How Fashion Contributes to Pandemics
[EcoWarriorPrincess.net - 21 May 2020]
Markets that keep captive wild animals in unhygienic, cramped conditions are the perfect breeding ground for pandemics - but the use of these animals does not end at food. Wild animals are often bred, traded and killed in conditions that are highly unsanitary to end up in a luxury boutique.

Kendall Jenner to settle in Fyre Festival Lawsuit
[WWD - 20 May 2020]
The model has settled the lawsuit over her Instagram post related to the failed 2017 music festival.

How Clever Fashion Brands Are Learning To Thrive From The Home Office
[Forbes, USA - 20 May 2020]
'Essential Services' is a term which refers to services that are vital to the health and well-being of people. It is a requirement for a business to survive. With a grandstand filled with consumers rallying to keep brands alive during these rough economic times, the focus is now on perfecting the footing for the fresh demo.

On the state of fashion journalism
[Honi Soit, Australia - 20 May 2020]
Fashion journalism is continually evolving and changing shape, however, there is still a distinct lack of critical writing in mainstream and indie fashion magazines, even those claiming that their independence gives them an edge.

'We can't be silent' - how fashion is speaking up about Covid racism
[The Guardian, UK - 20 May 2020]
Asian American designers such as Phillip Lim and Prabal Gurung are using their clothes to fight against the rising tide of corona-related xenophobia and help the relief effort.

Anna Wintour says coronavirus has been 'catastrophic' for the fashion industry
[CNBC - 20 May 2020]
Vogue editor Anna Wintour said the coronavirus pandemic has been 'catastrophic' for the fashion industry, impacting both emerging designers and large retailers.

The New Normal: Digital Is Set For a Step Change
[BOF, UK - 20 May 2020]
Lockdowns and social distancing measures have made digital an urgent priority across the entire value chain but navigating the recovery will require sustained focus on scaling up and strengthening digital competencies.

Rajo Laurel mounts first virtual fashion show
[ABS-CBN News - 20 May 2020]
MANILA - Over a thousand fashion enthusiasts were glued to their screens on Tuesday night as Rajo Laurel mounted his first virtual fashion show.

What Does a Case Over Antique Watches Mean for Chanel and Rolex Resellers?
[TFL - 19 May 2020]
Swatch subsidiary Hamilton International and Vortic LLC, a watch company that converts antique pocket watches into wrist watches, have been facing off in court, with Hamilton alleging that by selling restored and modified watches with the Hamilton name on them, Vortic is engaging in trademark infringement, counterfeiting, false designation of origin, and unfair competition.

What Will Be The Future Success Of Fashion Retail In The Digital Age
[Forbes, USA - 19 May 2020]
According to a recent survey by the Nielson market-market research group, the average American spends nearly four hours a day on computers- including mobile devices. Moreover, nearly 25 percent of that time will have been spent on social media. The tremendous influx of retail technology has changed the perception of how consumers purchase during this transitional time.

Iris van Herpen Imagines a Fashion Future in Which Clothes Are Only Made on Demand
[Vogue - 19 May 2020]
Like a fern, Amsterdam slowly started to unfurl last week as lockdown restrictions were eased, presenting the opportunity to speak with Iris van Herpen in her atelier. Because her process is so collaborative and interactive, it's been challenging to make much forward movement, but her new collection is coming together in 'baby steps.' In the interim, the designer and her team have been focusing on new ways of using VR [virtual reality] and AR [augmented reality], the latter in relation to an upcoming exhibition in Paris.

The future of fashion showrooms is digital and immersive
[WWD - 19 May 2020]
BrandLab Fashion develops customized virtual showrooms that re-create a brand's physical space.

Global Fashion Agenda Urges Fashion Leaders to Update Sustainability Commitments
[WWD - 19 May 2020]
In a new report, the organization is outlining how fashion executives can turn current issues into opportunities to rebuild the system in a more sustainable, ethical manner.

Comfort clothing: The pandemic fashion trend
[CGTN, Europe - 19 May 2008]
CGTN Europe spoke to Dana Thomas, a fashion writer, about how the fashion industry is dealing with coronavirus and how the sector will be changed in the long-term.

30 percent of global fashion businesses will not survive the crisis
[FashionUnited, UK - 19 May 2020]
30 percent of the world's biggest fashion companies, including household name brands and department stores, will not survive the pandemic crisis. The findings come from McKinsey's updated State of Fashion Report.

Italy's designers urge Rome to relax fashion sector restrictions
[Paper, USA - 17 May 2020]
Businesses with a passion for fashion say current restrictions risk damaging the industry beyond repair.

Colville: "There's been a seismic shift in fashion"
[The Guardian - 17 May 2020]
From London to Lombardy, luxurious label Colville finds inspiration in collaboration and creativity.

In Paris, stores have reopened but are there customers?
[Vogue - 17 May 2020]
In Paris, the easing of the pandemic lockdown began on Monday, May 11. After a nearly nonstop stretch of the bluest blue skies, we awoke to a combination of rain, cold, and wind that felt more like October.

Will fashion ever be good for the world? Its future may depend on it
[The Business of Fashion - 17 May 2020]
"It's not a perfect world; we're just trying to do the best we can."

Coronavirus: How face masks are becoming fashionable
[BBC World News, UK - 16 May 2020]
Face masks have become a necessity during the coronavirus outbreak and now the fashion world is ensuring that they become trendy.

Amazon to the rescue of the fashion world!
[New York Times, USA - 14 May 2020]
With some help from Vogue and the CFDA, the e-commerce giant is opening a new store to showcase independent designers.

While Fashion Struggles, Masks Are A Surprise Revenue Stream For Designers
[Forbes, USA - 13 May 2020]
As the western world still grapples with its first major viral incident in recent history, it's becoming increasingly apparent that masks are going to be part of the new normal moving forward.

Twiggy: 'I don't think high fashion will ever move completely away from slimness'
[The Guardian, UK - 12 May 2020]
As a model, she was the face of the 60s, and went on to have a busy acting career. She discusses her new podcast, and life in swinging London.

Regenerative agriculture can change the fashion industry - and the world. But what is it?
[Vogue - 12 May 2020]
"The word sustainable is like a dinosaur now," Aras Baskauskas, the CEO of Los Angeles label Christy Dawn, tells me on a recent call. "What are we trying to sustain - the fires, the tornadoes, the mass extinction? We don't need to be sustainable, we need to be regenerative."

What in the world happened to Michael Jordan's fashion sense?
[Yahoo! Sport - 06 May 2020]
Marilyn Spiegel, an early '90s marketing whiz, sat in a meeting full of men discussing Q Scores - a measure of brand familiarity - and wondered, with incredulity, who wants to smell like a basketball player? "Somebody asked me if it's OK to wear white socks with a tuxedo, that it must be a new fashion thing because Michael had white socks on".

YouTube hosts first virtual runway show
[FashionUnited, UK - 04 May 2020]
YouTube on Saturday hosted its first virtual runway show, an indication of how fashion week may look for the coming season. The online video platform held what it dubbed the "first-of-its-kind virtual fashion show and behind the scenes event of Carine Roitfeld’s CR Runway and amfAR against Covid-19".

Fashion Weeks Go Digital - 2020 Fashion week innovations
[fashionunited.uk - 01 May 2020]
Whilst traditional runway shows are currently not possible, organisers are harnessing new platforms with a greater global reach, such as 3D fashion shows.

April 2020

Can Sustainable Fashion and Inclusive Sizing Coexist?
[Harprs BAZAAR - 30 April 2020]
These brands are tackling two important, underrepresented facets of the fashion industry, but they're still a minority.

The 10 Most Popular Fashion Items Of 2020 (So Far)
[Paper, USA - 30 April 2020]
Curious to see what the world has been coveting? To view the pieces that secured a spot as one of the most popular fashion items of 2020 (so far), scroll on.

Coronavirus: Why the fashion industry faces an 'existential crisis'
[BBC, UK - 30 April 2020]
The fashion industry has been negatively impacted by the coronavirus outbreak on every imaginable level.

Coronavirus hits Australian fast-fashion industry: A slower future
[abc.net.au, Australia - 29 April 2020]
A look at how Coronovirus may reshape the fashion industry in Australia.

20 Fashion Brands Getting Most Creative With Coronavirus Face Masks
[Forbes, USA - 27 April 2020]
While face masks are now being adopted to reduce the spread of COVID-19, they're quickly becoming an everyday fashion accessory here to stay.

A brief tribute to Dennis Rodman, NBA fashion prototype
[GQ, Australia - 27 April 2020]
From his ultra-flamboyant style turns to his enigmatic persona, Rodman laid the groundwork upon which the current generation of sporting fashionistas currently sit.

No sweat: how tracksuit bottoms became the height of lockdown fashion
[The Guardian, UK - 26 April 2020]
Sales of sweatpants soar as fashionistas embrace the joys of an elasticated waistline in their working-from-home outfits.

Dior Uploaded Its 1949 Couture Show to YouTube
[W magazine - 23 April 2020]
The House of Dior went into the archives and pulled out a little-seen documentary short about the creation of their 1949 Haute Couture collection and put it up on YouTube, free for all to enjoy.

Trendy, cheap, and dirty: Fashion is a top global polluter
[Mongabay - 23 April 2020]
We live in a world of fast fashion, a model that relies on frequent, trend-driven, impulse buying of cheaply manufactured clothing that often ends up in the trash. The fashion industry now accounts for 10% of global pollution, and is second only to aviation as the world's largest industrial polluter.

The reality behind fashion's sustainability certifications and coalitions
[Vogue Business - 23 April 2020]
Organisations have cropped up to help fashion brands navigate sustainability efforts. But their efficacy isn't always clear.

British Fashion Council Announces Digital-Only Platform For London Fashion Week In June
[Grazia, UK - 22 April 2020]
Women's and men's showcases will merge on gender-neutral platform.

How Fashion Historian Teleica Kirkland Is Transforming What We Know About Clothing From the African Diaspora
[OkayAfrica - 21 April 2020]
The founder of the Costume Institute of the African Diaspora is preserving Black history in a field where it's been erased.

A Look at Queen Elizabeth's Most Extravagant Tiaras
[WWD, UK - 21 April 2020]
In honor of Queen Elizabeth II's 94th birthday, WWD revisits the history behind some of the royal's most lavish headpieces.

Social Sustainability, Overstock And 'Greenwashing': How COVID-19 Is Changing The Fashion Industry
[Forbes, USA - 21 April 2020]
As Fashion Revolution Week kicks off with the publishing of their fifth Fashion Transparency Index, part 3 in this industry insiders series examines how brands, manufacturers and thought-leaders are analysing current metrics and adapting sustainability and climate change initiatives in the face of COVID-19.

How The Coronavirus Could Shape Fashion Choices
[WAMC - 19 April 2020]
Michel Martin interviews Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell on how this historic moment might shape the future of what we wear.

How fashion professionals are re-educating for a circular economy
[GreenBiz - 17 April 2020]
For most apparel brands and retailers, "where do we start?" is an important question on their way to circularity. In 2017, the Global Fashion Agenda provided important pointers as to where the industry should go with the 2020 Circular Fashion System Commitment. For some, setting these goals was just the step they needed to kick-start their transition. For many others, however, the question of how to go from here - our current linear system - to there - a circular, zero waste textiles system - is still largely unanswered.

Dedicated followers of Bowie - fashion archive, 1990
[The Guardian, UK - 16 April 2020]
Many an estate agent was once slave to a style that involved crossing Aubrey Beardsley with Flash Gordon to look like Joe 90 in drag

British Fashion Brand Barbour Pivots From Wax Jackets To Medical Gowns Amid PPE Shortage
[Forbes, USA - 15 April 2020]
British fashion brand Barbour, known for its wax jackets, quilted coats and country life appeal, is producing 23,000 protective gowns for medical workers battling coronavirus on the frontline, making it the latest clothing company to help fill the PPE shortage.

Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Chanel put their fashion muscle behind face masks
[CNN, USA - 14 April 2020]
Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Chanel are putting their fashion muscle and supply chain expertise behind making protective clothing for those on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic, which has infected more than 1.9 million people and killed at least 119,000 worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Fashion meets Fortnite: 3D clothes and digital catwalks
[The Guardian, UK - 11 April 2020]
Virtual clothing and cyberspace catwalk shows may sound like the stuff of a William Gibson novel. But with physical fashion weeks on hold, and many designers unable to produce their next collections owing to the Covid-19 crisis, the niche world of digital fashion has been catapulted to the mainstream.

Time to Start Again? Italy - Fashion's Artisan Heart - Is Ready To Try
[Vogue - 11 April 2020]
The Italian fashion industry presented an open letter to prime Minister conte in which it signaled its readiness to restart.

What's the Point of a Fashion Magazine Now?
[New York Times, USA - 09 April 2020]
Glossy magazines sell fantasy. Now they have to reckon with reality. It's complicated.

Fast fashion speeding toward environmental disaster, report warns
[The Guardian, UK - 08 April 2020]
Study highlights industry failures and calls for shift in consumer attitudes.

Club Tropicana, Vanity Fair and Hollywood makeovers: the best podcasts for fashion fans
[The Guardian, UK - 07 April 2020]
With many of us stuck indoors, you may have time to learn about the feminist art inspiring Dior, what it's like working with Kanye West and how to keep a houseplant alive.

The environmental price of fast fashion
[Nature - 07 April 2020]
The fashion industry is facing increasing global scrutiny of its environmentally polluting supply chain operations. Despite the widely publicized environmental impacts, however, the industry continues to grow, in part due to the rise of fast fashion, which relies on cheap manufacturing, frequent consumption and short-lived garment use.

What Shanghai's First Digital Fashion Week Meant for Brands and Designers
[Alizilia - 06 April 2020]
Shanghai Fashion Week wrapped up last week. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, organizers brought the entire autumn-winter 2020 edition online, making it the world's first fashion-week event at this scale to go fully digital.

Virtual Catwalks and Digital Fashion: How COVIDd-19 is changing the fashion industry
[Forbes, USA - 06 April 2020]
Virtual catwalks and digital fashion will be the future of fashion retailing.

Interview: Who decides what you wear? Meet fashion's formidable silent force
[The Guardian, Uk - 05 April 2020]
Net-a-Porter reaches customers in 170 countries. But you probably haven't heard of its global buyer Elizabeth von der Goltz. Here, she talks about nurturing brands, appearing on Netflix and why she will always 'innately love fashion'.

A New Fundraising Effort Aims To Help Young Fashion Designers Impacted By Coronavirus
[Forbes, USA - 01 April 2020]
Emerging fashion designers reeling from canceled orders and the loss of sales as a result of the coronavirus may now have a new financial lifeline.

Carpe DM: 60 years of the Dr Martens boot - fashion's subversive smash hit
[The Guardian, UK - 01 April 2020]
The humble eight-holed work boot has won over everyone from postal workers to punks, teens to today's celebrities and influencers. How did it stride to world dominance?

Fashion Brands Have Donated Millions to Coronavirus Relief
[The Cut - 01 April 2020]
An exhaustive list of what companies, brands, and stores - big and small - are doing to help support the fight against Coronavirus.

March 2020

Milan Men's Fashion Week to merge with Women's Fashion Week in September for first time ever
[Harpers BAZAAR - 30 March 2020]
The Coronovirus pandemic is causing major changes in the fashion week schedule. This September, Milan's Women's Fashion Week will become the first season to combine men and women's collections, with the men's shows slated for June, now pushed back in light of the virus..

Global lockdown for June 2020 catwalk shows
[sportswear-international.com - 30 March 2020]
A series of cancellations of international menswear fashion events have been recently announced due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Where to get your fashion and beauty fix online
[CNN, USA - 19 March 2020]
So give yourself permission to indulge in moments of pampering, retail therapy and stylish entertainment. Here's a round-up of some of the best online diversions for when you need a temporary break from the doom and gloom.

Zara owner starts making protective face masks to fight Coronovirus
[Forbes, USA - 19 March 2020]
What does a fashion giant do during an epedemic?

'It's a great look': jewellery follows clothing into genderless fashion
[The Guardian, UK - 14 March 2020]
There was a time when wearing a boyband-style dogtag was seen as the peak of male adornment, but now men are increasingly embracing jewellery, stacking rings and bracelets and adorning ears with multiple gems.

Can fashion ever be sustainable?
[BBC, UK - 11 March 2020]
Fashion accounts for around 10% of greenhouse gas emissions from human activity, but there are ways to reduce the impact your wardrobe has on the climate.

Dressmaking lessons by post - fashion archive, 1923
[The Guardian, UK - 06 March 2020]
Lessons from the past: Not everyone who wants to work in the fashion industry can get into a trade school or the workroom of a dressmaking firm.

The Top Collections of Paris Fashion Week Fall 2020
[Vogue - 04 March 2020]
What is fashion's role in a time of crisis? Though these collections were already in development when the coronavirus became a global health threat, Paris's designers had no shortage of opinions.

Gucci Cancels Fashion Show Over Coronavirus Concerns
[Eonline, USA - 03 March 2020]
Gucci has canceled its Cruise 2021 fashion show in San Francisco, California, saying the "ongoing uncertainty prompted by the coronavirus outbreak" has led the company to cancel the May 18 event "as a precautionary measure."

Valentino goes back to black at Paris Fashion Week
[Reuters - 02 March 2020]
From leather bodices to sheer frilly dresses, Italian label Valentino showcased a series of all-black looks in Paris on Sunday as fashion houses pressed on with their shows in spite of the coronavirus outbreak that has kept some attendees away.

Splashing out in Paris: Balenciaga floods venue for fashion show
[The Guardian, UK - 02 March 2020]
Waters lap perilously close to audience as grand capes and latex trench coats are modelled.

February 2020

Dior plays with 1970s influences at Paris Fashion Week
[Reuters, Paris - 26 February 2020]
Christian Dior turned back the clock for its latest runway show in Paris on Tuesday, as designer Maria Grazia Chiuri dipped into her childhood and teenage memories in Italy with 1970s-inspired looks.

Armani holds Milan Fashion Week show in an empty theater because of coronavirus
[CNN, USA - 25 February 2020]
Giorgio Armani's collection at Milan Fashion Week might have been met with cheers and applause, had there been anyone in attendance. Instead, the label sent models down the runway in an empty theater -- a decision forced by the coronavirus outbreak in Italy.

Fashion Institute of Technology apologizes after fashion show evokes controversy over racist imagery
[CNN, USA - 24 February 2020]
The Fashion Institute of Technology has apologized and placed two academic officials on leave, after its graduate fashion show used accessories that many called racist.

Giorgio Armani criticised for comparing fashion trends to rape
[The Guardian, UK - 22 February 2020]
Italian designer accused of diminishing sexual violence against women with comments.

Here's what happened at London Fashion Week
[CNN, USA - 20 February 2020]
A haze of melancholia colored the proceedings at London Fashion Week Autumn-Winter 2020. In contrast to previous seasons, there were few overt political messages seen on the runways.

Burberry's Autumn Winter 2020 Show Was A Who's Who Of Fashion Royalty
[Harper's Bazaar, Australia - 18 February 2020]
Photographs: From Gigi and Kendall on the runway, to Naomi Campbell and Cate Blanchett in the front row.

The best looks from London Fashion Week
[Xinhuanet, China - 17 February 2020]
Photographs from the best of next season - from the London Fashion Week.

The 5 shows that stood out at New York Fashion Week
[Forbes, USA - 16 February 2020]
The Fall/Winter 2020 collections wrapped up in New York this week with star-studded shows.

Extinction Rebellion protest at Gatwick and London fashion week
[The Guardian, UK - 15 February 2020]
Activists aim to raise awareness of sustainable design and the need to reduce emissions from flights.

Face masks 'hot item' at London Fashion Week amid virus fears
[Aljazeera - 15 February 2020]
Some designers changed or cancelled their shows due to factory shutdowns in China as global coronavirus worries spread.

The Top 10 Collections of New York Fashion Week Fall 2020
[Vogue - 13 February 2020]
Waking up this morning, still high from last night's Marc Jacobs spectacular, the headlines that forecasted New York fashion week's demise seemed altogether too dire. Fashion week isn't dead, though it is in mid-disruption.

Tom Ford, Oscar de la Renta, Marc Jacobs, and More: The Best Looks from New York Fashion Week Fall 2020
[Harper's Bazaar, USA - 13 February 2020]
Welcome to the best of next season - Gallery of 125 photographs.

The Best Runway Looks From New York Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2020
[Harper's Bazaar, USA - 13 February 2020]
Though it sometimes feels like an eternity between each biannual show season, each New York Fashion Week reminds us just how much it was worth the wait.

Oscars 2020 Red Carpet Fashion
[E-online, USA - 09 February 2020]
Gallery from the red carpet.

What Is the Future of the Fashion Show?
[Vogue - 04 February 2020]
Do a Google search of "What is the purpose of a fashion show?" - the search engine's most popular query related to the term fashion show - and almost 4 billion results come up. That will look like a lot of results to the untrained eye, but an insider will tell you that's nothing. There is no topic more thrilling, and more likely to wind us up, than the purpose of a fashion show.

January 2020

Fashion has a misinformation problem. That's bad for the environment
[Vox - 31 January 2020]
Questionable facts plague the conversation around sustainability and fashion, and that makes the industry harder to regulate.

Makeover: Copenhagen fashion week announces 'radical' sustainability goals
[The Guardian, UK - 30 January 2020]
The chief executive of Danish fashion week hopes to transform it into a 'platform for advocacy' with tough new environmental requirements for participating brands.

Gigi Hadid and Kaia Gerber Own the Chanel Runway at Paris Fashion Week
[E-online, USA - 21 January 2020]
Gigi Hadid and Kaia Gerber owned the Chanel Spring-Summer 2020 Haute Collection runway at Paris Fashion Week.

Comme Des Garçons: Row over white fashion models' cornrow wigs
[BBC, UK - 19 January 2020]
Japanese fashion brand Comme Des Garçons has been accused of cultural appropriation after white models took to its runway wearing cornrow wigs, as part of the company's men's autumn and winter collection on show at Paris Fashion Week.

Fashion's bad boy Jean Paul Gaultier bids farewell to the catwalk
[Reuters, Paris - 18 January 2020]
French designer Jean Paul Gaultier, known for dressing stars like Madonna and who cultivated an irreverent image as the industry's 'bad boy', said on Friday that a fashion show in Paris next week would be his last. Gaultier, 67, did not detail what would happen to his namesake brand, owned by private Spanish fashion and fragrance group Puig, only saying in a brief statement that it would continue to exist.

Tyga, Diplo and More Stylish Men Attend Louis Vuitton's Paris Fashion Show
[E-online, USA - 16 January 2020]
Celebs have flocked to France for Paris Fashion Week and several stylish male stars were spotted at the Louis Vuitton Menswear fall/winter 2020 show on Thursday.

thredUP's new calculator determines your fashion footprint
[FashionJournal, AU - 16 January 2020]
Endorsed by eco-queen Emma Watson, the thredUP online quiz asks you questions about how often you buy clothes (both used and new), whether you purchase your clothing online or in-store, and even how often you do your laundry.

French designer cancels Paris fashion show, derailed by strike chaos
[Reuters - 14 January 2020]
French designer Christophe Josse decided on Monday to cancel his catwalk show in Paris next week, blaming weeks of strikes against pension reforms for wrecking his preparations, just as the city gears up for two weeks of fashion events.

Italian Fashion Is Woke-Ing Up: A Year On From The Blackface Balaclava, Diversity Is Trending
[Forbes, USA - 13 January 2020]
From blackface balaclavas to fashion campaigns hinged on racist stereotypes, the Italian fashion industry has spent the last couple of seasons in a state of ...

Amazon is reportedly launching a new luxury fashion platform as it doubles down on its mission to take over the apparel industry
[BusinessInsider, Australia - 10 January 2020]
The new site could play a crucial role in bolstering Amazon's position in fashion, an area the company has been doubling down on in recent years.

While We Weren't Looking, The VSCO Girl Took Over High Fashion
[Elle - 06 January 2020]
The VSCO girls are killing again. According to a story in Fortune, contouring is their latest victim: They've traded in heavy makeup for Carmex lip balm, Mario Badescu rosewater facial spray and single-item, multi-use products from Glossier. It's just the latest evidence of the fashion and beauty industries bowing before the awesome powers of the VSCO girl, named for the photo-editing app.

Why Fashion Illustration Matters in the Digital Age
[Vogue - 03 January 2020]
Vogue Italia is starting 2020 off with a bang. For the first time in its 55-year history, the magazine has an illustrated cover (there are seven variants by different artists). The features, too, are all photography-free.

December 2019

'Intended to induce awe': codpiece thrusts itself back into fashion
[The Guardian, UK - 27 December 2019]
Designers' embrace of 16th-century accessory forms part of revival of Tudor power dressing.

Emanuel Ungaro: French fashion designer Emanuel dies aged 86
[BBC - 22 December 2019]
Emanuel founded his fashion house in the 1960s and described himself as a "sensual obsessive" - with a reputation for bold colours and prints.

Mama Cax, model and advocate for inclusivity in fashion, dies aged 30
[BBC - 21 December 2019]
The Haitian-American model, whose full name was Cacsmy Brutus, died on Monday after falling ill on a trip to London. Cax had lost her leg to lung and bone cancer as a teenager, and was a powerful advocate for women of colour and disabled women in fashion.

The fashion Instagram moments that broke the internet
[InStyleMag.com.au - 16 December 2019]
...and will never be forgotten.

Workers making Fashion Nova clothing are wildly underpaid
[The Cut - 16 December 2019]
Online retailer Fashion Nova has been on a roll. The brand, which makes inexpensive, flimsy, tight clothing tailor-made for Instagram, has been championed by A-list celebrities and influencers alike..

Future fashion: does that dress come in digital?
[ComputerWeekly - 13 December 2019]
A visit to a technology-fuelled fashion pop-up paints a picture of a world where retailers and brands sell virtual clothes for usage solely in consumers' digital lives.

Giorgio Armani on billionaire bashing, throwaway culture - and choosing his successor
[The Guardian, UK - 04 December 2019]
The 85-year-old master of understated design talks about his lifelong belief in sustainable fashion, his love of Downton Abbey - and the troubling matter of his eventual retirement.

Highlights from the UK's Fashion Awards 2019
[CNN, USA - 03 December 2019]
Guests at the 2019 Fashion Awards didn't let London's arctic temperatures deter them from delivering bold choices on the red carpet. The event celebrated the best in fashion this year, with celebrities, models and style icons showcasing strong sartorial looks by nominated designers, from the UK and beyond.

BAZAAR editors pick the best dressed from the 2019 British Fashion Awards
[Harper's Bazaar, Australia - 03 December 2019]
On December 2, 2019, the annual British Fashion Awards took place, which honour the best in both British and international fashion. See the best-dressed attendees on the red carpet.

November 2019

How Data Helps Fight Fashion Waste
[Forbes, USA - 28 November 2019]
A new intersection point between the tech community and the fashion industry cognoscenti could be surfacing. The fashion industry is notoriously bad at product waste, and technology wants to come to the rescue.

Versace is suing Fashion Nova for "brazenly" copying its designs, infringing its trademarks
[TheFashionLaw.com - 26 November 2019]
Versace is taking on notorious copycat Fashion Nova for selling "deliberate copies and imitations of [its] most famous and recognizable designs, marks, symbols and other protected elements".

Fashion's Multi-Billion Dollar Shapewear War
[BOF - 26 November 2019]
New brands are capitalising on the rise of body-positive narratives with size- and colour-inclusive shapewear. What does this mean for their waist-cinching predecessors?

The 2019 Victoria's Secret fashion show has been canceled. It was only a matter of time.
[VOX - 22 November 2019]
Amid declining sales and show ratings, Victoria's Secret executives say the brand will focus on digital marketing.

How Slow Fashion Is Fast-Tracking Sustainability
[Forbes, USA - 22 November 2019]
The slow fashion movement promises to be the opposite of the fast fashion trend (inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends) by delivering sustainably procured and produced clothing to mindful consumers.

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show scrapped
[CEOmagazine, Australia - 22 November 2019]
By Ian Horswill - After 14 years gracing television screens the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, known for its elaborate costumed lingerie, music by leading singers and the world's most stunning models, is no more.

Model Robyn Lawley on what Victoria's Secret must do next after canceling its fashion show
[Time, USA - 22 November 2019]
Victoria's Secret's cancellation of its annual fashion show amid a decline in sales and ratings marks a significant shift in the fashion industry, according to one of the models who has led the charge in criticizing the lingerie company.

How Ralph Lauren built his $11b fashion empire
[Financial Review, Australia - 15 November 2019]
A man defined by his own mythology, Ralph Lauren has, over 52 years of business, managed to pull off nothing less than the American dream.

WWhat to expect at the 2020 Met Gala
[Insider, USA - 08 November 2019]
The 2020 Met Gala theme is all about time and women's fashion. Here's what to expect.

Christopher John Rogers wins the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund
[Vogue, USA - 05 November 2019]
As the winner of this year's grand prize, the 25-yr-old designer will receive $400,000 and a year of mentorship from a CFDA member.

October 2019

H&M's CEO says that climate activists are encouraging people to 'stop consuming,' which poses a 'terrible' threat to the fashion industry
[BusinessInsider, USA - 28 October 2019]
H&M CEO Karl-Johan Persson, the third in his family to hold the helm of the fast-fashion company, told Bloomberg that he was concerned about protests that encourage consumers to "stop doing things, stop consuming, stop flying."

H&M CEO speaks out as 'pattern of consumer shaming' shifts to fashion purchases
[TFL, USA - 28 October 2019]
LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton chairman Bernard Arnault made headlines last month when he addressed one specific breed of climate activism. Speaking at the Paris-based conglomerate's sustainability event in September, Arnault criticized 16-year old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg's 'catastrophism'-centric approach to fighting climate change, calling her views "demoralizing for young people," and arguing that she is not "proposing anything, aside from criticism." Arnault said he "prefer[s] positive solutions that allow us to get towards a more optimistic position."

Alber Elbaz Is Back! What We Know So Far About His New Richemont Deal
[Vogue, USA - 25 October 2019]
After his abrupt departure from Lanvin in 2015, Alber Elbaz has been sorely missed in the fashion industry. Save for a couple of collaborations and some speaking engagements here and there, he's been keeping a low profile... until today.

Experimental app lets your phone judge your fashion sense
[NewAtlas - 25 October 2019]
It would be great if your phone could tell you, and with the new Fashion++ app, it may soon be able to do just that.

Laura Brown On The Power Of "Being Nice"
[InStyleMag.com.au - 23 October 2019]
The influential editor was awarded the 2019 Australian Fashion Laureate.

Laura Brown named Australian Fashion Laureate, the highest honour in Australian fashion
[Financial Review, Australia - 23 October 2019]
Laura Brown, the Australian-born editor-in-chief of InStyle in the United States, has been named this year's Australian Fashion Laureate.

Does Ranking Fashion Companies By Sustainability Commitments Actually Help The Industry To Improve?
[Forbes, USA - 18 October 2019]
A report released October 17 by the non-profit advocacy organization Stand.Earth labels fashion as a filthy industry with many brands 'still wearing last season's greenwash' rather than committing to real action against the polluting processes within the supply chain.

Do Chinese Consumers Care about Sustainable Fashion?
[JingDaily.com - 18 October 2019]
Recently, marketers are claiming that sustainability will play a key role in purchasing decisions in 2020 and beyond. But how much do Chinese consumers really care about ethically-sourced or sustainable goods? Or are they simply looking for the best deals on designer brands?

London fashion mainstay Sophia Kokosalaki dies aged 47
[Vogue, USA - 00 October 2019]
The London-based Greek designer helmed a number of major fashion brands throughout her time in the industry.

2019 People's Choice Awards: Gwen Stefani to Be Honored With Fashion Icon Prize
[HollywoodReporter, USA - 08 October 2019]
The singer and designer will be recognized during the Nov. 10 ceremony, which will air live on E!

Here's What Forever 21's Bankruptcy Could Mean for the Future of Fast Fashion
[TIME, USA - 03 October 2019]
Forever 21, the fashion chain known for its ultra-trendy, low-price offerings, filed for bankruptcy on Sunday after months of reports of potential 'restructuring.'

The Top Collections of Paris Fashion Week Spring 2020
[Vogue, USA - 02 October 2019]
The Paris collections played out against the most dramatic of world events. England's Supreme Court found Boris Johnson's suspension of Parliament unlawful by a unanimous vote, and across the ocean, the U.S. Congress initiated impeachment proceedings against President Trump.

Justin Timberlake ambushed outside Louis Vuitton show at Paris Fashion Week
[USAtoday, USA - 01 October 2019]
The final day of Paris Fashion Week was plagued by several pranksters, including notorious celebrity harasser Vitalii Sediuk, who took aim at Justin Timberlake's ankles.

Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu Close Paris Fashion Week With Inclusive Statements
[HollywoodReporter, USA - 01 October 2019]
Balenciaga, Mugler and Off-White also celebrated age, race and identity on their runways.

Here's Why That 'Chanel Crasher' woman disrupted the runway to have her own Paris Fashion Week moment
[TIME, USA - 01 October 2019]
The French YouTuber knew what she was doing. A fashion lover, comedian and self-proclaimed 'chameleon,' she told TIME "I've always dreamt to become a Chanel égérie [muse]."

Youtube prankster crashes Chanel Catwalk at Paris Fashion Week
[EuroNews.com - 01 October 2019]
A woman has crashed the catwalk at Chanel's Paris Fashion Week finale, jumping up onto the runway and walking amidst the models, much to the horror of security guards.

Jennie Kim Shut Down the Front Row of the Chanel Fashion Show with Cardi B at Paris Fashion Week
[TIME, USA - 01 October 2019]
Jennie's presence at the Chanel show was only fitting as she's been a model for Chanel Korea Beauty since 2018 and became a brand ambassador for Chanel Korea shortly afterwards.

September 2019

Model stages silent protest on Gucci catwalk over 'straitjacket' designs
[BBC - 23 September 2019]
Ayesha Tan-Jones and other models were dressed in white jumpsuits for the show, some resembling strait jackets. The model, who is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns, wrote "Mental health is not fashion" on their hands.

NYC Brand Bstroy Responds to Criticism Over School Shooting Hoodies
[complex.com - 18 September 2019]
A New York-based brand is catching heat over a series of designs that reference real-life tragedies.During its spring/summer 2020 fashion show, menswear imprint Bstroy unveiled a handful of hoodies emblazoned with the school names "Columbine," "Sandy Hook," "Virginia Tech," and "Stoneman Douglas"—all of which were devastated by mass shootings. Bstroy designers Brick Owens and Duey Catorze also added distressed detailing to each sweatshirt, resulting in a bullet-hole ridden appearance.

Extinction Rebellion activists target London fashion week
[The Guardian, UK - 14 September 2019]
Protesters to hold fashion funeral in demand for industry to take climate crisis seriously.

Peter Lindbergh: Fashion photographer dies at 74
[BBC - 04 September 2019]
Fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh, whose trademark was the dramatic black and white portrait, has died at 74. The German photographer passed away on Tuesday, his official Instagram account said, leaving a "big void".

August 2019

Second-Hand Is The Answer To Sustainable Fashion, Says Oxfam
[Forbes, USA - 31 August 2019]
The charity Oxfam contends that buying second-hand is not only more sustainable (undeniably, it utilizes no additional resources beyond transportation, compared to new clothing) but stylish, too.

Isabel Toledo, fashion designer favored by Michelle Obama, dies at age 59
[Paper, USA - 27 August 2019]
Her work grabbed attention after the former first lady wore a lemongrass-colored sheath and coat for the 2009 inauguration.

150 Brands Have Joined Emmanuel Macron's "Fashion Pact" to Make the Fashion Industry More Sustainable
[Paper, USA - 26 August 2019]
More about Emmanuel Macron's "fashion pact".

Fashion Companies Reach Landmark Sustainability Accord Ahead of G7 Summit
[Fortune, USA - 24 August 2019]
Signed by 32 companies - including some of the biggest names in luxury, activewear, fast fashion, and retailing - the G7 Fashion Pact marks the first serious broad-based push by a coalition of private-sector companies to help reduce global warming, replenish the planet's biodiversity, and curtail the dumping of plastics in the world's oceans.

Major Fashion Companies Sign Pact Vowing To Reduce Industry's Environmental Impact
[Forbes, USA - 23 August 2019]
Ahead of the G7 meeting in France this weekend, 32 major global fashion and textile companies, from H&M and Gap to Burberry and Chanel, signed a Fashion Pact, promising to lower the industry's negative impact on the environment.

A fashion designer Instagrammed his shoes on top of his Ferrari, and Ferrari is threatening to sue/a>
[TheVerge.com - 02 August 2019]
German fashion designer Philipp Plein posted Ferrari's letter on Instagram, too.

Fast fashion lies: Will they really change their ways in a climate crisis?
[TheConversation - 02 August 2019]
The fast-fashion business model itself is the very antithesis to sustainability. Can any fast-fashion retailer claim sustainability?

July 2019

Model Shanina Shaik reveals Victoria's Secret Fashion Show cancelled this year... amid calls for a boycott
[DailyMail, UK - 30 July 2020]
Speaking to The Daily Telegraph (Australia) on Tuesday, the Australian model, who has walked in the show five times since 2011, said she is disappointed by the news.

Jean Paul Gaultier: Fashion Freak Show review - a fabulous fiesta of fabric and flesh
[The Guardian, UK - 25 July 2020]
Queen Elizabeth Hall, London: Lucha libre masks, conical bras, banana skirts - this voguing, strutting, dancing celebration of the fashion designer's life and influences is a lot of fun.

Marks & Spencer ousts fashion boss Jill McDonald
[BBC, UK - 11 July 2020]
Marks & Spencer has ousted its clothing and home boss, Jill McDonald, who spent two years attempting to turn around the struggling division.

Haute Couture Fashion Week: Tech and sustainability get a luxury makeover
[CNN, USA - 05 July 2020]
At the Autumn-Winter 2019 shows, though the focus remained very much on offering escapism through exquisite fabrics and elaborate craftsmanship, some couturiers also provided touches of realism.

Khalid Al Qasimi, UAE sheikh and fashion designer, dies aged 39
[The Guardian, UK - 03 July 2020]
Son of the ruler of Sharjah has died, three weeks after showing at London fashion week.

News from Previous Years

Fashion festival climbs to dizzying new heights
[DailyTelegraph.com.au, Australia - 16 July 2011]
The "The City Is My Catwalk" event in Sydney Australia, had three brave models take to the "runway" on top of the southern hemisphere's largest billboard.

West Australian ballgowns and bikinis in high demand for Hollywood divas
[SMH.com.au, Australia - 16 July 2011]
West Australian ballgowns and bikinis are a top priority for US celebrities this summer

Virtual Justin Wu catwalk experience in conjunction with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival in Sydney
[DailyTelegraph.com.au, Australia - 15 July 2011]
Virtual catwalk experience brings fashion festival to the Aussie masses on July 18 when fashionistas will have the opportunity to participate in an innovative virtual catwalk on thetelegraph.com.au.

China fashion market to triple over the next 10 years
[Reuters, Shanghai - 15 July 2011]
China's fashion market is expected to triple in size to more than 1.3 trillion yuan in the next 10 years driven by the rise of the middle-class affluent consumer in China, Boston Consulting Group said in a report on Friday. The low penetration rate means China will account for 30 percent of the global fashion market's growth over the next five years.

Interview with Canadian videographer Justin Wu
[DailyTelegraph.com.au, Australia - 14 July 2011]
Justin Wu talks about his work as a fashion videographer ahead of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Sydney virtual runway.

Business is brisk for fashion brand Valentino: CEO
[Reuters, Paris - 06 July 2011]
Italian fashion brand Valentino is enjoying solid demand for haute couture pieces, thanks to Middle Eastern, Russian and U.S. buyers and trading overall continues to improve, its head said on Wednesday. Valentino Chief Executive Stefano Sassi said buyers from China, the biggest growth market for many luxury brands, were starting to appear as well but it was still early days.

Claudia Schiffer aims to create lasting fashion brand
[Reuters, Paris - 06 July 2011]
Chanel German supermodel Claudia Schiffer launched her first cashmere collection during Haute Couture fashion week in Paris with the hope of creating a lasting brand that she could pass on to her children.

Bye bye Bluesteel - the pan-gender look limiting men's fashion
[WAToday.com.au, Australia - 27 June 2011]
Male models hoping to launch a successful career in fashion face more pressure and scrutiny than their female counterparts, according to long serving fashion stylist Aly May.

John Galliano trial: 'Fashion can be very toxic'
[Telegraph.co.uk, UK - 26 June 2011]
John Galliano was on trial in Paris last week. He blamed addiction for his anti-Semitic rant - but could industry demands have also pushed him over the edge.

2011 Rosemount Australian Fashion Week - RAFW
[DailyTelegraph.com.au, Australia - 00 May 2011]
Models swanned around and designers sweated as Sydney's most prestigious fashion festival took place this week. Check out all the hot new styles from the 2011 Rosemount Australian Fashion Week (RAFW).

Fashion graduates to 'raffle' feathers
[Mosman Daily, Australia - 05 May 2011]

Australian Fashion Week collections from Camilla and Marc and Alice McCall
[DailyTelegraph.com.au, Australia - 05 May 2011]
Australia Fashion Week's evening shows including Camilla and Marc and Alice McCall didn't disappoint.

Dogs and colour the new black at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week
[Herald Sun, Australia - 05 May 2011]
Colour - and a cute pooch - were the stars of yesterday's revelations at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week.

Guests joining Lisa Ho's A-list at Fashion Week, and Jennifer Hawkins is an Ellery queen
[DailyTelegraph.com.au, Australia - 05 May 2011]
The Art Gallery of NSW's long, wide entrance hall was the perfect canvas to create a supersized, double runway so everyone had an all-important front row seat.

Paris fabrics, beachside chic
[The Australian, Australia - 05 May 2011]
Old-world fabrics and fluorescent wetsuit material combined on the Camilla and Marc catwalk in the grand, historic foyer of Sydney's State Theatre last night.

Gary Bigeni partners with shape wear company Spanx during Fashion Week
[DailyTelegraph.com.au, Australia - 04 May 2011]
Gary Bigeni is so certain fashionistas are embracing lipo-lingerie that he's including it in his runway show.

Rosemount Australian Fashion Week kicks off
[DailyTelegraph.com.au, Australia - 02 May 2011]
It was better late than never but Rosemount Australian Fashion Week kicked off in style an hour late with Zimmerman showcasing some summery and tribal prints at a car showroom in Sydney today.

In photos: 'Russia Fashion Week 2008'
[Monsters and Critics.com, USA - 04 Nov 2008]

Classic black wows fashion field at Melbourne Cup
[The Age, Australia - 04 Nov 2008]
A Melbourne girl in classic black has won the iconic Melbourne Cup Fashions on the Field competition.

Look sharp: Vancouver Fashion Week starts Nov. 5
[Vancouver Sun, Canada - 03 November 2008]

YSL exhibit displays the art of fashion in San Francisco museum
[Canadian Press - 03 Nov 2008]
What makes a frock rock? Taffeta and tulle will take you only so far, say organizers of an exhibit celebrating the work of visionary designer Yves Saint Laurent. "If you want the dress to be not only a dress ... you need an artist," said Pierre Berge, Laurent's longtime partner and one of the people behind the retrospective which opened at San Francisco's de Young museum this month after an engagement at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. .

Austerity style: Men of Britain, put down your hair gel ...and pick up your shovels, because with hard times ahead, man-bag-clutching metrosexuality is out, and old-fashioned machismo is flexing its muscles once again
[Independent.co.uk, - 02 Nov 2008]
What is the correct response to a sudden straitening of circumstances? More specifically, what is the manly response? Is it one final, hysterical, shop-till-you-drop sweep of the Selfridges menswear department, girlish tears streaking our moisturised cheeks? Should the pretty boys of Britain unite for a mass bonfire of gym membership cards, interiors catalogues and cookery-show box-sets, to mark the passing of an era? Or could the correct response to global economic meltdown just possibly be something a bit more butch?

Why Milwaukee's Fashion Week Went Bust
[Today's TMJ4, WI, USA - 31 Oct 2008]
It was supposed to be a first for Milwaukee: A fashion week similar to something you'd see in New York, Milan or Paris.

Ukraine Fashion Week announces dates
[fibre2fashion.com, India - 31 Oct 2008]
Ukrainian Fashion Week is a unique professional fashion event in Ukraine which fully meets the global standards of pret-a-porter fashion weeks.

Fashion label Pierre Cardin on show in Shanghai
[Wapakoneta Daily News, OH, USA - 31 Oct 2008]
The fashion label, Pierre Cardin, showed its 2009 Spring/Summer collection in China's fashion capital, Shanghai Thursday as the city's Fashion Week got...

L'Oreal Fashion Week firsthand
[Ontarian, Canada - 30 Oct 2008]
Fashion-mobiles from Canada and around the world gathered last week to see the Spring 2009 Collections at the Toronto's L'Oreal Fashion Week.

Spring Style at Seoul Fashion Week
[Korea Times, South Korea - 29 Oct 2008]
Korea's top designers unveiled their fashion forecast for spring and summer 2009 during the eight-day Seoul Fashion Week.

Montrealers take the chill off at Toronto Fashion Week
[The Gazette, Canada - 25 Oct 2008]
The opening was a showing of bridal gowns by Canadian fashion pioneer Alfred Sung. The grand finale is tonight, LG Fusion Fashion, featuring a performance by Maroon 5 and clothes from Greta Constantine and provocative lingerie line Agent Provocateur, among others.

Pet Couture - Aiming to be top dog in canine fashion
[Chron.com, USA - 25 Oct 2008]
In the world of canine fashion, there are purebreds, and there are commoners...

RE:Fashion Awards, the world's first dedicated awards for ethical fashion.
[RE:FashionAwards, 24 Oct 2008]
Nominees have been announced for the RE:Fashion Awards, the world's first dedicated awards for ethical fashion.

The RE:Fashion Awards will take place on the 13th November 2008, celebrating people and organisations who have taken great strides in tackling poverty, healing the environment and changing consumer attitudes towards ethical fashion.

Deeper Meaning Below A Glossy Surface
[Washington Post, USA - 26* Oct 2008]
The fashion industry has always struggled to burnish its image as something more than a vessel for insecurities, pretentiousness and superficiality. At times this struggle must seem particularly Sisyphean for editors of fashion magazines -- with their wrinkle creams, in-and-out lists and miracle diets -- who are trying to make a case for their social awareness and desire to do more good than harm.
* Pub.date in-correct - article published 24 October 2008.

Fashion Springs back
[National Post, Canada - 24 Oct 2008]
If it's October, it must be fashion week season in Canada. First I took in Montreal and its stars Denis Gagnon, Helmer and Marie Saint Pierre, then the fashion feast moved to Toronto, where classics Joeffer Caoc and David Dixon shared a tented runway with the next generation of talent. Here are a few entries from my notebook...

Florals, coloured jeans and fedoras scream spring in Toronto
[Canada.com, Canada - 24 Oct 2008]
Spring has sprung at Nathan Phillips Square. Florals, bright colours and prepsters were the theme du jour for the fourth day of L'Oréal Fashion Week.

Mango adds a touch of romance
[Metro News, Canada - 23 Oct 2008]
While the latest edition of L'Oreal Fashion Week has its sights set on forecasting the hot trends for next spring and summer, fashion fans got a taste of style creations for the impending cooler months from Mango on Monday night.

Designer channels '50s and '60s-era girls for latest Pink Tartan collection
[Metro News, Canada - 23 Oct 2008]
Designer Kimberley Newport-Mimran set style-watchers on a time-travelling journey, channelling iconic images of '50s and '60s-era glamour girls in the latest collection for Pink Tartan presented at L'Oreal Fashion Week on Monday night.

PHOTO: Manish Arora: Indian Style Fashion Circus
[Javno - 22 Oct 2008]
Manish Arora presented his recognizable style for spring/summer 2009, which combines tradition and modernity.

Fashion and Trade - Room for both on the runway
[Reuters - Fashion and Trade Blogs - India Masala, India - 22 Oct 2008]
First impressions at Wills Lifestyle week left me agreeing with my fellow reporter who claimed it would be more 'buzzing'.... Hustle and bustle and the sponsors' busy marketing stalls made for a more exhibitionist and business-orientated atmosphere.

Spotlight on outer space at India's fashion weeks
[Reuters - 21 Oct 2008]
Aliens and astronauts loomed large over two of India's premier fashion shows just days before the country launches an unmanned mission to the moon. Designer Prashant Verma was excited that his futuristic space-age collection was showcased on Sunday, ahead of the Wednesday launch of Chandrayaan-1, a spacecraft built by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). But he wasn't really worried that dresses made to resemble space suits and what looked like robotic arms might be difficult to carry off.

Death of star Hollywood fashion bitch Mr Blackwell
[MIrror, UK - 20 Oct 2008]
The first to dare to slate the stars for fashion fiascos, he wrote five decades of Worst Dressed Lists. But many famous names felt they had not made it ...

Fashion Feast: Buyer budgets haven't shrunk despite economic gloom
[Economic Times, India - 19 Oct 2008]
The blues can wait. Right now, it's party time for fashionistas! The fashion weeks in the capital have seen an increase in the number of international buyers with fat budgets. And not only that.

L.A. Fashion Week revives '30s, '40s styles
[San Francisco Chronicle, USA - 17 Oct 2008]
The eye-popping colors shown for the spring season at L.A. Fashion Week stood in contrast to a somber question: Will this city have a fashion week again?

The green scene at L.A. Fashion Week
[Los Angeles Times, USA - 17 Oct 2008]
A show called the Green Initiative closed L.A. Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios on Thursday night. After starting an hour late, the show's producer and creator walked on to the runway to address the crowd, thanking everyone from the hair stylists to the DJ. Four eco-friendly clothing designers showed their lines after a little video ran about who they are and how much they care about the environment.

Heir to Hermes arrested for plane attack
[Times online, UK - 16 Oct 2008]
Heir to Hermes fashion house was arrested for allegedly attacking the pilot of his plane flying from Paris to New York. Mathias Guerrand- Hermes, a polo-playing international socialite, tried to punch the captain of AirFrance 008 and also grabbed his crotch. During the fracas he became so unruly it took three attendants to restrain him, and he was handcuffed and shackled to his first-class seat. He was arrested when the plane touched down in New York.

Difficult times for fashion, recession is the buzzword in industry
[IndiaExpress, India - 16 Oct 2008]
Recession may not be fashionable, but it's certainly the talk of the town. At the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week, it is one of the buzzwords. Even with about 160 buyers registered at both the Wills event and the Delhi Fashion Week, the highest ever for any Indian fashion week, concern is palpable. .

Houston is hosting its own fashion week
[Chron.com, USA - 15 Oct 2008]
It's not that Houston is trying to be New York. But tonight Houstonians can see a New York-style fashion show on the Galleria's ice rink. It's the opening event of Simon Fashion Now, a three-day celebration of current fashion and beauty trends.

Two fashion events in a week not good business sense
[IBN Live, - 15 Oct 2008]
New Delhi: With the city witnessing two fashion weeks within the span of eight days, the national Capital is certainly in vogue. So while the Delhi Fashion Week spearheaded by Sumeet Nair kickstarted on Tuesday, Fashion Design Council of India's (FDCI) Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week opens just a day later on Wednesday.

Lunchtime Snap: Celebrity Fashion Labels - Are They Out?
[Wall Sreet Journal blogs, USA - 15 Oct 2008]
At the Los Angeles fashion show that's drawn the largest crowd so far, Lauren Conrad showed a spring collection Tuesday night that was filled with the kind of casual SoCal looks that she and her friends wear in her MTV reality show.

Tongue in chic: What a week!
[Times of India, India - 15 Oct 2008]
A look at the politics of the fashion business from India.

Bikinis or bust at L.A. Fashion Week
[LA TIMES, United states - 14 Oct 2008]
The designers at L.A. Fashion Week love to show a lot of skin in their collections. And since it's the spring/summer season, you bet they're gonna bring it.

Time to 'Change the Mentality' on Thin Models, Says Quebec Minister
[Epoch Times, - 14 Oct 2008]
As Montreal Fashion Week kicked off this week, the provincial minister responsible for the status of women in Quebec announced a plan that would call for an end to super-thin models. Christine St. Pierre said she would form a committee to look at adopting a charter that would prompt the fashion industry to take responsibility for the health of its models.

Bright colours, bold tattoos define Ed Hardy line at L.A. fashion week
[Canadian Press - 14 Oct 2008]
CULVER CITY, Calif. - Ed Hardy's spring collection, like the designer behind it, is bold, colourful and borderline ostentatious.

Delhi Fashion Week to combine luxury with creativity (Preview)
[publication or url, Country - 13 Oct 2008]
Luxury and creativity will be exhibited in full throttle at the inaugural edition of the Delhi Fashion Week (DFW) that starts at the Emporio Mall here Tuesday, bringing together an eclectic mix of designers ranging from industry top-notches to emerging youngsters.Organized by the newly created Fashion Foundation of India (FFI), the five-day DFW will run parallel to the premier Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week (WIFW) to be staged at the Pragati Maidan exhibition complex Oct 15-19.

Seoul Fashion Week Starts Saturday!
[The Korea Times, Korea - 13 Oct 2008]
Seoul is once again making a bid to become one of the world's fashion capitals, with Seoul Fashion Week kicking off Saturday. Top Korean designers will present their spring and summer collections for eight days at the Seoul Trade Exhibition Center (SETEC), Daechi-dong, southern Seoul. Organized by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seoul Fashion Center, the event features fashion shows for men's wear (Oct. 18-19) and women's wear (Oct. 21-25), as well as Asian designers (Oct. 20). Organizers hope Seoul Fashion Week will help boost Seoul's profile as a fashion hub, not just in Asia but around the world..

Hemlines rise in India fashion despite global doom
[AFP - 13 Oct 2008]
Skirts will inch up when Indian designers launch their new collections at two competing fashion shows this week despite a popular theory linking rising hemlines to a booming economy."In these times of global doom and gloom, Indian colours will bring out the bloom," said Sunil Sethi, the president of the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI), which will host India Fashion Week Wednesday.

Charity and commerce to share centre stage at Montreal Fashion Week
[Canadian Press via Google News, Canada - 12 Oct 2008]
Charity and commerce will share centre stage when curtains go up on spring/summer 2009 collections at Montreal Fashion Week at historic Bonsecours Market in old Montreal. The 15th edition of the semi-annual showcase kicks off Thanksgiving Monday. In addition to featuring the work of design talents from within and outside Quebec to domestic and international buyers, the event will see artists decked out in original designs for a fundraising runway show.

Fashion: Top of the knit parade
[Independant, UK - 12 Oct 2008]
For fashion buffs, 1968 has a unique significance. As Parisian students ripped up paving stones, a French housewife called Sonia Rykiel was running up the kind of clothes that came to define Left Bank chic: slinky knitwear in black or Breton stripes, trench coats and glammed-up berets.

[LA Times, USA - 12 Oct 2008]
With Smashbox Studios and IMG parting ways, doesn't a major revamp of the city's big design event seem in order? Yeah, we thought so too.

Is Indian market ready for virtual fashion onslaught?
[economictimes.indiatimes.com - 11 Oct 2008]
In the existing global financial turmoil, India has emerged as one of the most favoured destinations. Afterall, we have statistics to prove that by 2020, we will have the highest number of young spenders, even overtaking the likes of China, Russia and the Middle East. And cashing in on this hype are international brands.

The top 10 places to be for L.A. Fashion Week
[Los Anglels Times, USA - 10 Oct 2008]
Didn't know it was Los Angeles Fashion Week? Well, it may be less high-profile than its Christian Louboutin-strutting, couture-flashing older sister in New York, but that doesn't mean its pret-a-porter lines can be considered less than avant-garde. After all, L.A. is where ready-to-wear became glamorous; where everyday clothing like hoodies, hats and jeans transformed into high-end fashion from the help of Angeleno designers like Christian Audigier of Ed Hardy, and Michael Ball of Rock and Republic. Catch a glimpse of the latest trends for Spring '09 at the 7th-Annual Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, kicking off this Sunday.

Los Angeles Fashion Week: Is the Party Over?
[Wall Street Journal, USA - 10 Oct 2008]
The hard-partying days of Los Angeles fashion week may soon be coming to an end. On the eve of the L.A. fashion shows, which begin Sunday, the future of the event remained uncertain.

IBM Signs Services Agreement With Fashion Research Institute for VR
[www.marketwatch.com, 10 Oct 2008]
"We're proud to pioneer the first big business solution that leverages the OpenSim virtual world platform to address economies of scale," said Shenlei Winkler, FRI. "The Fashion Research Institute understands how to design real world consumer goods using a virtual world environment, and IBM understands the scaling challenges of global enterprise. Taking on both simultaneously is a winning move."

"50-50 chance" LA Fashion Week will continue
[Canada Press via Google - 09 Oct 2008]
Dean Factor says next week's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week will be Smashbox's last season with IMG, and there's a "50-50 chance" that they will continue with L.A. Fashion Week. It was unclear whether another group would continue without them. IMG, which also produces fashion weeks in New York, Miami, London, Moscow, Berlin and other cities, did not immediately comment beyond saying "we are 100 per cent focused on the current event."

IMG, Smashbox Dissolve Partnership
[vwd.com - 09 Oct 2008]
IMG and Smashbox Studios have mutually decided to dissolve their five-year Los Angeles Fashion Week partnership, making next week's Spring '09 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios the final one.

Venerable British fashion house Hardy Amies is nearing collapse
[Canadian Press via Google news - 07 Oct 2008]
Hardy Amies made a very particular type of clothes for a most particular sort of woman. But the house founded by the venerable Savile Row couturier - and dressmaker to the Queen - is nearing collapse as its traditional client base dwindles, and the British fashion scene could soon lose one of its most revered names.

A Goodbye Kiss for Paris
[New York Times - 07 Oct 2008]

Galliano, Lanvin, Miu Miu, Hermes and Louis Vuitton shows
[timesonline.co.uk, United Kingdom - 07 Oct 2008]
Whether by heading to rough districts, creating clothes that looked ready to wear or even (gasp!) using Size 10 models, Paris's closing shows seemed to acknowledge the real world.

Sugar High: Sugar Inc Launches API And IMDB For Fashion
[Washington Post - 06 Oct 2008]
Sugar Inc, the company behind a network of popular women-focused blogs that includes PopSugar, is announcing two major releases tonight that take advantage of its fashion-hungry userbase. The first, dubbed PopSugar's CelebStyle, is positioning itself as an IMDB for style, analyzing outfits from many of television's most popular shows. Sugar Inc is also announcing a new ShopStyle API, which gives developers access to the site's massive database of clothing and accessories which can be used in any variety of applications.

Wall St collapse changes fashion
[news.com.au, Australia - 06 Oct 2008]
The fashion industry is searching of revenue sources to make up for the millions in Wall Street bonuses that have dried up.

Fashion Week San Diego gets an ugly start
[signonsandiego.com - 06 Oct 2008]
Despite its behind-the-scenes drama, Fashion Week San Diego debuted over the weekend and featured the work of regional designers.

Surprise sacking at Valentino, dubious dhotis at YSL
[timesonline.co.uk, United Kingdom - 06 Oct 2008]
Times Online at Paris Fashion Week, reports on Valentino sacking, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Chloe and Alexander McQueen.

Valentino sacks creative director through the press
[The Guardian, United Kingdom - 06 oct 2008]
Less than 24 hours after the Valentino show, the company announced the departure of the label's creative director, Alessandra Facchinetti, following a "misaligned vision with the company". It added, with biting brevity: "Her creative contribution and refined artistic talent were greatly appreciated." Facchinetti had been in place for less than two seasons after the label's founder, Valentino Garavani, stepped down. What made this announcement particularly harsh was that Facchinetti was unaware she had been fired.

Abbey Lee Kershaw faints at Fashion Week - corset too tight
[Daily Telegraph, Australia - 06 Oct 2008]
One of Australia's most high-profile models - Abbey Lee Kershaw - has fainted at a fashion show after wearing an incredibly tight corset. Abbey began to feel weak after being squeezed into the brown garment in the name of style at Paris Fashion Week.

Fashion house Valentino names 2 new designers
[AP via Google news, Paris - 05 Oct 2008]
Italian fashion house Valentino said on Saturday it had named its in-house accessories designers as joint creative directors of the brand. Outgoing designer Alessandra Facchinetti said she learned about her dismissal from press reports.

Bold, simple flashes brighten Paris Fashion Week
[Los Angeles Times, United States of America - 05* Oct 2008]
The spring collections from Nicolas Ghesquiere, Dries van Noten and Junya Watanabe.
* Pub.date in-correct - article published 03/04 Oct.

Russell Simmons introduces menswear fashion line
[AP via Google - 05 Oct 2008]
MIAMI BEACH, Fla. Hip-Hop pioneer and designer Russell Simmons is bringing a little sophistication to the urban over 25 crowd. Simmons introduced his menswear collection at the Argyle Culture Fashion Show on Friday at the swanky Setai Hotel in South Beach. The male models donned sporty suits, pinstriped shorts and argyle V-neck sweaters, combining urban aesthetics with traditionally professional and preppy attire.

Valentino names 2 new designers
[AP via Google - 05 Oct 2008]
Italian fashion house Valentino said on Saturday it had named its in-house accessories designers as joint creative directors of the brand, replacing Alessandra Facchinetti. "Valentino S.p.A. is ending its collaboration with Alessandra Facchinetti due to differences," it said in a statement, without elaborating. "Her creative contribution and her artistic refinement have been greatly appreciated."

Eletra Casadei - Obituary
[Obituaries in the news - AP via Google - 05 Oct 2008]
Fashion designer Eletra Casadei, whose collections were carried in boutiques and department stores across the nation and were seen on such TV shows as "The Golden Girls" and "Dynasty," died Sept. 27. She was 55. Casadei died of brain cancer at her home in Pacific Palisades.

Paris fashion week - The Financial Times
[Financial Times - 04 Oct 2008]
The party ain't over 'til the red-haired lady bows such was the message last week at Sonia Rykiel's 40th anniversary show/dinner/interpretive retrospective, where, in honour of the French legend, 40 colleagues from Giorgio Armani to Karl Lagerfeld and Rodarte created their version of an iconic Rykiel style (the Mulleavy sisters, for example, came up with an Obama knit).

Fashion designers shiver as economic crisis hits
[AP via Google News, - 04 Oct 2008]
In the cutthroat world of fashion, a designer can quickly lose rising star status a fact that Alessandra Facchinetti knows only too well. Discusses Valentino, Chanel, Alexander McQueen.

Huntin', shootin', fashion
[Financial Times - 04 Oct 2008]
Any brand that makes shotguns and other firearms for the world's armed forces and country sports enthusiasts may seem an unlikely choice for delicate fashion folk.

Poor fashionistas: let them wear Galliano
[Evening Standard, United Kingdom - 03 Oct 2008]
Even during a prosperous year, I have often felt that Paris Fashion Week, with its champagne parties, dark-windowed limos and fashion editors wasting thousands on handbags, teetered on the absurd. But this year it was like watching Louis XIV's court gorge themselves while the rest of the country starved.

Valentino to clarify designer's future after show-press
[reuters.com - 03 Oct 2008]
Valentino Fashion Group will clarify in three or four days whether designer Alessandra Facchinetti will stay with the fashion house, its CEO said in an Italian newspaper on Friday, amid speculation she will be replaced. .

In the front row: Lefranc Ferrant and more...
[timesonline.co.uk, United Kingdom - 03 Oct 2008]
Mario Lefranc and Beatrice Ferrant produced possibly the world's largest trench-ballgown for their spring/summer '09 collection.

Alessandra Facchinetti for Valentino at Paris Fashion Week
[Telegraph.co.uk, United Kingdom - 03 Oct 2008]
Alessandra Facchinetti - in her second season for Valentino - presented a delicate, jewel inspired collection. Features gallery from the parade.

Photos: Ready-to-wear from Paris
[Toronto Sun - 03 Oct 2008]

Next snaps up celebrity favourite fashion label Lipsy for 17.3m
[Mail Online, United Kingdom - 02 Oct 2008]
A small fashion label used by the rich and famous, including Kate Middleton and Lily Allen, has been snapped up by high street chain Next. Lipsy, also favoured by TV presenters Holly Willoughby and Alexa Chung, was bought for (pounds/euro)17.3million.

Fashion under fire as crisis deepens
[AP via Google News - 02 Oct 2008]
Judging from the glamorous parties and store openings in Paris this week, you would be forgiven for thinking the economy is thriving prompting some observers to say the fashion industry is fiddling while Rome burns.

The most wearable clothes from the Paris catwalks
[timesonline.co.uk, United Kingdom - 02 Oct 2008]
After all the hype of Milan Fashion Week, an array of elegant shapes and themes in the French capital focused on what the shows are supposed to be all about: beautifully imagined fashion.

Paris parades low-key chic
[guardian.co.uk, United Kingdom - 02 Oct 2008]
There is never a good moment for an economic crisis but in terms of timing, the current one takes some beating, coming as it does smack in the middle of the US elections and the UK party conferences. Perhaps less pressingly but no less embarrassingly, it is apparently reaching a climax during Paris fashion week, traditionally the most luxurious on the fashion calendar and which generally sees no problem with the idea of handbags for more than %A3 1,000

From Van Noten, a Beguiling Salute to Women
[New York Times - 01 Oct 2008]
It's a measure of fashion's enormous success over the last decade that people will pay almost anything to own certain labels, just as banks and other financial institutions found they could take greater and greater risks with the money they lent. Such a devouring nature doesn't need taste or expertise or even a love of fashion. It just needs an appetite and a huge closet.

Van Noten: A new geometry
[International Herald Tribune - 01 Oct 2008]
When the pillars of capitalism are toppling and the world is trying to configure a new order, is it surprising that fashion should explore a new geometry?

Vivienne Westwood's Derbyshire DIY trumps Margiela's conceptual art at Paris FW
[timesonline.co.uk, United Kingdom - 01 Oct 2008]
The ego had landed at Margiela's show, Galliano came over all Strictly Come Dancing and Dame Vivienne offered handy hanky hints. Meanwhile, Berardi hit the right note with his kimonos while Ghesquiere went for bust.

Fashion visits the dark side in goth exhibit
[bostonherald.com - 01 Oct 2008]
Coco Chanel once said that fashion has to die to live. She was talking figuratively about the idea of seasonal renewal, killing off old styles so that new ones can emerge and grow. However, a new exhibit called "Gothic: Dark Glamour" at the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology takes a more literal look at how the theme of death has been carried through clothes over many years.

Cutting-Edge Technique, but No Gut Reaction - Paris Fashion Week
[New York Times - 30 Sep 2008]

Fashionably early: Milan Fashion Week
[Independant.co.uk, United Kingdom - 28 Sep 2008]
Amid the high glamour of Milan Fashion Week over the past seven days we saw the start of next spring's big trends. Here are five key ideas to start cultivating now, if you want to be truly fashion forward. Just be careful on those heels...

How Keira Knightley suffered for her art
[news.com.au, Australia - 28 Sep 2008]
Playing royalty may look like fun with its frocks and frivolity but, as Keira Knightley learned, it certainly has its drawbacks. For her regal role as Georgiana Spencer in The Duchess, she had to spend up to three hours a day being dressed and was forced to don such massive wigs they made her neck sore.

Paris Fashion Week opens with brit Gareth Pugh
[Telegraph.co.uk, United Kingdom - 28 Sep 2008]
Gareth Pugh, one of Britain's most avant-garde young designers, has made his debut at the Paris pret-a-porter season with a stark, futuristic show, entirely in black and white, inspired by Hamlet, Millais' Ophelia and Elizabeth I.

Milan's best runway shows reflect mood of the times
[LA Times, United States - 28 Sep 2008]
With recession blues setting in, what looked freshest in Milan was timeless elegance -- and smile-inducing eye candy.

'Mad Men' at the forefront of fashion
[Seattle Times, United States - 28 Sep 2008]
Top fashion designers such as Michael Kors and Peter Som, who referenced the 1960s in their fall collections, went so far as to name-check the series as...

Queen Rania of Jordan and Elle @ UN push to end global poverty
[news.com.au, Australia - 27 Sep 2008]
It takes some woman to overshadow Elle Macpherson, but Queen Rania of Jordan managed to do just that during a UN push to end global poverty this week.

Chattanoogan Cancer Survivors Strut Their Stuff
[chattanoogan.com, - 27 Sep 2008]
While there are many fashion shows in Chattanooga each year, the annual Breast Cancer Network of Strength Fashion Show is the only one that both benefits and stars local breast cancer survivors. This year's fashion show and silent auction is scheduled for Sunday, Nov 09, will feature 28 local breast cancer survivors as models.

Crime of fashion emergency - culprit last seen legging it...
[SMH, Australia - 27 Sep 2008]
I saw something I shouldn't have... something nobody should have to see. A girl in gingham leggings. Not only were they gingham, they were sky blue-on-white gingham. Not only were they sky blue-on-white, they were dotted with buttery yellow sunflowers.

Italian fashion and falling markets
[Financial Times - 26 Sep 2008]
Milan fashion week is in full swing but all is not well behind the gilded facade. With markets falling, there is a danger the so-far dependable Russian and Asian buyers might choose to invest in something less ephemeral than chiffon and lace.

David and Victoria Beckham's Signature Scent Launch
[celebrity-gossip.net - 26 Sep 2008]
Always the fashionable couple, David and Victoria Beckham posed side-by-side as they released their new scents at Macy's Herald Square on Friday (gallery).

Detroit Fashion Week begins... outside
[Free Press - 27 Sep 2008]
The area's fashion forward will kick off Detroit Fashion Week today with an outdoor tented trunk show in Royal Oak. The annual event, now in its fourth year, is a little smaller this year - with the trunk show planned for today and two other events set for next Saturday. Last year, the event was spread over three days. In all, 10 designers, most from metro Detroit, will show their work.

Bruno (Sacha Cohen) arrested at Milan FW
Actor Sacha Baron Cohen, best known for his eccentric characters Borat, and Ali G, appeared on the catwalk at Agatha Ruiz de la Prada's show in Milan yesterday, creating quite a stir as security guards stepped in. Agatha Ruiz de la Prada's show was restarted after 'Bruno' was removed by security. Sacha Baron Cohen is in Milan making a new film about fashion centered on his flamboyant Austrian fashionista character, Bruno, and reportedly titled "Bruno: Delicious Journeys Through America for the Purpose of Making Heterosexual Male".
>> watch the video right >>
Sacha Baron Cohen arrested on Milan catwalk
[Daily Mail, United Kingdom - 26 Sep 2008]
Milan's prestigious fashion week has been hijacked by British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen in an hilarious catwalk invasion as his alter ego of Bruno.

Judge says Project Runway can't air on Lifetime
[thecelebritycafe.com - 26 Sep 2008]
Sad news for fans hoping to see the hit show, Project Runway, parading across the schedule of Lifetime. Bravo, one of the NBC Universal networks, had apparently aired the show first, and they were none to happy about Weinstein Co.'s reported $150 million deal with Lifetime for it to be the new home of the fashion centered show hosted by Heidi Klum.

Women crave workable but whimsical fashion
[San Francisco Chronicle, USA - 26 Sep 2008]
Milan - Fashion designers thrive on a relentless quest to be modern. Modern fashion should reflect the times.

Italian designers put up cheerful fashion front at Milan FW
[AP via Google - 26 Sep 2008]
"Grin and bear it," seems to be the message coming off the Milan runway as Fashion Week for next summer comes to an end.

Adult nappies have hit the catwalk in a Tokyo fashion show
[Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - 26 Sep 2008]
Japan has one of the world's most rapidly aging societies, and the fashion show proved the country's nappy producers are intent on keeping the elderly clean and dry.

Fashion wrap: J.Lo smokes up Milan
[Stuff.co.nz, New Zealand - 26 Sep 2008]
Celebs and models turned up en masse for the D&G fashion show in Milan, and Jennifer Lopez was smoking hot.

Building fashion empires of their own
[International Herald Tribune - 25 Sep 2008]
The creation of large retail groups gives "competitive advantages, like better purchasing power, competitive credit lines and a series of aggregated services.

Jewels return to runway at Milan Fashion Week
[Associated Press via Google - 25 Sep 2008]
In general the jewelry is down to earth, with the novelty of pieces of wood used to fashion necklaces and bracelets. Ethnic jewelry of the silver-and-stones ...

It's a devil to wear Prada as models topple at Milan Fashion Week
[DailyMail.co.uk, United Kingdom - 25 Sep 2008]
In scenes reminiscent of Naomi Campbell's infamous 1993 catwalk tumble, not one, but two Prada models tripped over in their shoes in Milan yesterday.

Buzz, yes. But fashion week needs more
[The Boston Globe, USA - 25 Sep 2008]
Reporters notebook on Boston Fashion Week shows.

Sarah Murdoch on fashion's deadly demands on women
[Daily Telegraph, Sydney - 25 Sep 2008]
THE fashion industry had to stop ducking blame and start taking responsibility for the "unhealthy body image" promoted by underweight models, catwalk star Sarah Murdoch said yesterday. Ms Murdoch, a long-time advocate of breast cancer research and patron of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, launched the Australian national breast cancer awareness month

Antonio Marras at Milan Fashion Week
[Telegraph.co.uk, United Kingdom - 25 Sep 2008]
Antonio Marras' spring/summer collection featured sculptural dresses and sheer fabrics, making for a truly theatrical show. In pictures: Antonio Marras s/s 2009 collection.

Dress like a rock star
[Statesman.com - 25 Sep 2008]
Everyone wants to party like a rock star. But how many of us can truly dress like one?

What is your fashion philosophy?
[The Daily Advertiser - 25 Sep 2008]
As I write this, one of my favorite events of the year is getting started. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is taking over New York City's Bryant Park. Designers are making their final alterations. Models are strapping on their heels for their strut down the runway. Photographers are readying their cameras to take that glamorous shot...

Where's Waldo?
[National Post - 24 Sep 2008]
Where's Waldo? At fashion shows, in travel guides and, as of next month, back in your local bookstore as publishers try to resurrect a wandering brand.

Roberto Cavalli at Milan Fashion Week
[Telegraph.co.uk, United Kingdom - 24 Sep 2008]
By Hilary Alexander: Roberto Cavalli's spring/summer collection was a mixture of Brigitte Bardot inspired peasant- blouses and his well known Florentine flounce.

Prada @ Milan Fashion Week
[Telegraph.co.uk, United Kingdom - 24 Sep 2008]
Miuccia Prada's latest collection was based on cave-woman couture and built around the bare necessities, says Hilary Alexander.

Milan Fashion Week goes relaxed in stressed times
[AP via Google news - 23 Sep 2008]
There are few better weather vanes for changing times than the fashion industry, whose sensitive antennas quickly pick up on a mood and design accordingly. Just think of the Gay Nineties, the somber 1940s the happy day 1950s. A similar reflection is happening for the summer of 2009, with designers opting for relaxed styles in stressed times. .

Jil Sander Clears the Runway
[New York Times - 23 Sep 2008]

Fashion Week: In no man's land
[NZ Herald - 23 Sep 2008]
First a word about the sponsors. The following sentences, errors of recall and lampooning are brought to you by this column's principal strategic partner: my employers. Without them, you'd be reading something much more worthwhile.

Finally a suit to be worn in the shower
[news.com.au - 22 Sep 2008]
Scientists have developed a suit you can wear in the shower - for the time-poor exucutives.

60th Emmy Awards: Red-Hot Fashion on the Red Carpet
[Foxnews.com - 22 Sep 2008]

Suzy Menkes on Milan Fashion Week 2008
[International Herald Tribune - 22 Sep 2008]
Slide show from the International Herald Tribune.

Emmys 2008 gallery
[E-online - 22 Sep 2008]

London calling but it's first stop NYC
[Independent.ie - 21 Sep 2008]
Sixties dresses and accessories brighten up a grey London Fashion Week.

Keira Knightley, fashion chameleon
[Los Angeles Times - 21 Sep 2008]
"What does it feel like to wear a corset?" asks Keira Knightley, looking amused.

Betsey Johnson Spring 2009 collection
[News.com.au - 21 Sep 2008]

Milan Fashion Week opens with a surprise fashion plus
[Telegraph.co.uk, United Kingdom - 21 Sep 2008]
Opening with a plus-size collection, Elena Miro brought some garden party style to Milan Fashion Week...

Merging science and fashion
[tvnz.co.nz - 21 Sep 2008]
As the wool industry continues to suffer, New Zealand's premium agricultural research centre is trying something a little different.

White Cashmere Collection 2008 Combines Fashion with Compassion for a Future Without Breast Cancer
[marketwatch.com - 19 Sep 2008]
Eight leading Canadian designers revealed a unique vision of a future without breast cancer at the Fifth Annual White Cashmere Collection 2008: A Touch of Pink fashion show in Toronto, on September 19.

Real women: the latest fashion
[Independent.co.uk, United Kingdom - 19 Sep 2008]
Size, age and colour are no longer a barrier to a career on the catwalk that was the message from London Fashion Week.

Gold Rules London Fashion Week
[Hollyscoop.com - 19 Sep 2008]

Real women: the latest fashion
[Independent.co.uk, UK - 19 Sep 2008]
Size, age and colour are no longer a barrier to a career on the catwalk that was the message from London Fashion Week.

London Fashion Week: The Hottest Collections
[NowPublic.com - 19 Sep 2008]
With only a day respite between shows, the fashion pack are back at it. This time, it's London Fashion Week, where viewers can expect an edgier display of Spring 2009 Ready to Wear fashions, especially when Henry Holland, Vivienne Westwood and Giles Deacon are involved.
Here are the hits on the runways so far:

Make A Bold Fall Fashion Statement
[CBS - 20 Sep 2008]
This fall season is all about making a bold fashion statement with trendy bright colors. Dawn Yanek, Editor-at-Large of Life and Style Weekly magazine joins us to show both women and men how to incorporate these vibrant colors in their wardrobe.

Elle voted greatest model ever
[The Age, Melbourne - 19 Sep 2008]

Miranda Kerr vs Jennifer Hawkins - who's best dressed title
[DailyTelegraph.com.au, Sydney - 19 Sep 2008]
Who magazine's Best and Worst dressed roll call inflames the blistering retail battle between rival department stores David Jones and Myer.

Top Fashion Icons of Century Named
[PRNewswire via COMTEX - MarketWatch - 18 Sep 2008]
the staff at WomansBoot.com, a leading footwear website, has compiled its list of the Top Fashion Icons of the past century. These designers, celebrities and king-makers were selected as each decade's leading fashion luminary..

London Fashion Week, Spring 2009: Vivienne Westwood
[PopSugar.com, CA - 18 Sep 2008]
Vivienne Westwood's Red Label now seems to be a permanent fixture of London Fashion Week.

Pictures: Naomi Campbell, Cheryl Cole and more at Fashion For Relief
[Sunday Mirror, United Kingdom - 18 Sep 2008]

Fashion Week: Tribal tones at Salasai
[Stuff.co.nz, New Zealand - 18 Sep 2008]
Thursday, 18 September 2008 Getting to the Salasai show at New Zealand Fashion Week was a little bit like being on a treasure ...

Crisis heightens British retail worries
[Reuters -via- International Herald Tribune - 18 Sep 2008]
Behind the scenes at London Fashion Week, luxury clothing retailers are considering what the effects of the global financial crisis will be.

Alex Perry to host own show on Foxtel
[Daily Telegraph, Australia - 18 Sep 2008]
With an acid tongue, a successful fashion label and a four-year stint as a judge on Australia's Next Top Model, Alex Perry, Sydney's king of red carpet couture has signed a deal to host his own program on Foxtel.

London Fashion Week: Donatella Versace judges Fashion Fringe
[Telegraph.co.uk, United Kingdom - 18 Sep 2008]
The Italian style diva, Donatella Versace, has made a flying visit to London Fashion Week as chairman of the judging panel for the annual Fashion Fringe ...

Huge market for Indian fashion designers in western countries.
[Business Standard, India - 19 Sep 2008]

Susur Serves Canadian Fashion
[National Post, Canada - 18 Sep 2008]
Here's proof that fashion people do eat --and well. This morning the venerable Canadian label Comrags (which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year) ...

Fall Fashion Frenzy
[Canada.com, Canada - 16 Sep 2008]
Dazzle and delight - it's easy with the offerings this season.

Fashion Week: World doesn't disappoint (+pics)
[Stuff.co.nz, New Zealand - 16 Sep 2008]
After a four-year absence from Air New Zealand Fashion Week, World kicked off the event with a brightly coloured homage to the '70s.

Fashion Week dumps model health checks
[The Australian, Australia]
The idea was recommended by the British Fashion Council after last year's size zero debate but it's already been ruled out in New York, Paris and Milan...

Downing Street hosts London Fashion Week reception
[Telegraph.co.uk, United Kingdom - 16 Sep 2008]
Fashion's hottest stars came together last night at Ten Downing Street to mark 25 years of London Fashion Week.

Lacoste - New York Fashion Week.
[Berlinista.com, Berlin - 15 Sep 2008]
During New York Fashion Week spring/summer 2009, Lacoste presented it's ideas and designs for next year's warm season. 'The Tent' was the center of interest ...

London Fashion Week: The young guns setting London ablaze
[Telegraph.co.uk, United Kingdom - 15 Sep 2008]
A record number of new designers are showcasing their talent, thanks to London Fashion Week sponsorship, says Hilary Alexander.

DKNY - New York Fashion Week.
[Berlinista.com, Berlin - 15 Sep 2008]
DKNY by Donna Karan showed it's most beautiful face on September 7th at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week.

Fur flies as Scots fashion council accused of 'confusing the message'
[Scotsman.com, - 14 Sep 2008]

New York Fashion Week tries casual elegance for bad economy.
[AP via google.com, - 14 Sep 2008]
Despite all the harem pants and corset tops and #8212; or maybe because of them and #8212; the spring styles previewed at New York Fashion Week received a mostly warm reception given the elephant on the runway: the down economy. Designers seemed collectively aware of the harsh times at the spring previews that ended Friday, but they had many different approaches for conquering the slump, which has hit the apparel industry hard.

PM's wife puts on party frock to stop fashion week fraying.
[Timesonline.co.uk, London - 14 Sep 2008]
A Downing Street reception being hosted by Sarah Brown tomorrow will see the prime minister's wife helping to combat a stitch-up of British haute couture. The mission: to prevent London fashion week, once the jewel in the draper's calendar, being left threadbare.

The Calvin Klein show.
[Guardian.co.uk - 14 Sep 2008]
Calvin Klein - The brand's 40th anniversary.

Jodi Gordon launches new Lingerie label Crystelle
Jodi Gordon launches new Lingerie label Crystelle at the Piano Room, Kings Cross

Melbourne springs back into fashion for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week was launched in spectacular style yesterday, with some of Australia's hottest models strutted the catwalk in a 10-minute exhibition of key season pieces. The season theme is femininity.

New York Fashion Week: Marc Jacobs shows a new way to dress
[latimes.com - 14 Sep 2008]
Marc Jacobs' show was brilliant. He didn't just show us clothes, he showed us a way to dress, acknowledging that in hard times, style comes before fashion. What puts Jacobs in a league of his own is his power to influence not only every level of the apparel market, but all of us, and how we style clothes bought at a vintage store or on an exotic trip, even things we already have in our closet.

Revolutionary new fabric like an armour-plated sheep
[DailyTelegraph.com.au - Sydney]
New Zealand scientists have developed a revolutionary new fabric that is stab and flame resistant, but as light to wear as wool. Dr Peter Ingham, a scientist at the New Zealand government-owned research group AgResearch, said the new fabric was tough, could withstand a blowtorch, and had many commercial applications.

Summery fashion at Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival
[Stuff.co.nz, New Zealand - 04 Sept 2008]
Easy-to-wear layered dresses for women and tight suits with clean lines for men will be the look at this year's Spring Racing Carnival in Melbourne, if fashion week is anything to go by.

Accolade for Carla Zampatti
[Sydney Morning herald - Sydney]

13-yo takes Jamaica Fashion Model title

Time to be bold: Eley Kishimoto are finally stepping into the fashion limelight

Not-quite-so-thin was in for models at Fashion Week

Weak American Dollar Good For Fashion Business?
This week launches the fashion season in New York City, and the weak American dollar may very well be beneficial to British and European fashion designers as they bring in their newest duds for the year in an attempt to lure American retailers away from the local designers?

Couture crunch: London Fashion Week
[Independant.co.uk, United Kingdom - 14 Sep 2008]
With London Fashion Week facing a cut from six days to four, top designers claim it is being squeezed out of the international calendar.


Youtube hosts its first Virtual Runway Show

Gucci Spring Summer 2020 Fashion Show - Presented at the Gucci Hub, the Gucci Spring Summer 2020 collection by Alessandro Michele embraced the closing phrase on the show notes: "Fashion as a space of poetical self-affirmation where the desire of the self can shine." [Gucci]

Women’s Fall-Winter 2020 Fashion Show | LOUIS VUITTON - Louis Vuitton will present the Fall-Winter 2020 Collection by Nicolas Ghesquiere at the Louvre in Paris on Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020. [Louis Vuitton]

Gucci Fall Winter 2020 Women's Fashion Show - Watch the Gucci Fall Winter 2020 Women's Fashion Show live from the Gucci Hub in Milan. [Gucci]

Versace Women’s Spring-Summer 2020 | Fashion Show | For the Spring-Summer 2020 Collection, Donatella Versace honors an iconic moment when fashion and culture became a catalyst for technological progress. [Versace]

Chanel | Haute Couture Spring Summer 2020 by Virginie Viard | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen - Exclusive) [Chanel]

Chanel | Cruise 2020 (The Grand Palais - Paris) by Virginie Viard | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen - Exclusive) [Chanel]

Alex Perry outfit at the Rosemount Australian Fashion Week spring/summer 2011/2012
Alex Perry collection at the RAFW
Spring/Summer 2011/12 collection at Overseas Passenger Terminal on May 2, 2011 in Sydney, Australia.
(Photo by Stefan Gosatti/Getty Images)
Sydney, May 2011 [gallery from show]

Paris Fashion Week spring/summer 2009 ready to wear collection
Creation by Zimmerman at the RAFW 2011
A model showcases designs by Zimmerman on the catwalk during Rosemount Australian Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011/12 at The Classic Throttle Shop.
(Picture: Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images).
Sydney Australia, May 2011 [gallery from show]

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